This is Judith from Sktchy. Her skin is so pale I had to work very hard at getting those very light layers of skintone down without overworking them – I used a lot of water and the paper buckled even more than it usually does! And the. I had to go in with coloured pencils and add a little more shade (especially under the chin) than I usually would just to get a bit of definition but trying not to lose the ethereal quality of her very beautiful look. I think I just about pulled it off – but this is one I’d like to come back to in a year or so when my skills have progressed to see what I can do with it by then.



Keeping on keeping on, hoping that I’ll find my flow again sooner rather than later. In the meantime this is Cece from Sktchy painted with watercolour and finished with Prismacolor coloured pencils.


This is Johanna from Sktchy. She has an incredible face to draw, so full of interest and character and those glasses are a perfect framing device for portrait drawing. I always start my drawing with eyes unless the subject is wearing glasses, in which case I start with the glasses and work out from there.

I drew Johanna with a Unipin dark grey brush pen, painted her with Daniel Smith watercolour and finished up with Prismacolor coloured pencils, all in a Fabriano Venezia sketchbook.


This is Emma from Sktchy painted with Daniel Smith watercolours and finished with watercolour pencils. I haven’t quite got the angle right – in the inspiration photo her face is upturned and I haven’t quite captured that here which is why her eyes look too far up in her head. I think they’re positioned correctly but I haven’t got the tilt of the neck and chin right so it looks weird. I also totally lost her likeness but you wouldn’t know that if I didn’t tell you because you don’t know what she looks like, right?


Some days I want to draw a portrait that matches my mood and this portrait of Sam from Sktchy totally matched my mood this morning after 20 minutes of doomscrolling Twitter!

I drew Sam with a dark grey Unipin brush pen, painted her with Daniel Smith watercolours and finished the portrait with Prismacolor coloured pencils in an A4 Fabriano Venezia sketchbook.


I haven’t drawn for several days and how my fingers know it. They’ve been itching, twitching, reminding me that I need to draw a portrait. But I’ve had both computer and printer problems. I can survive without a printer but in these Covid lockdown remote working days I absolutely can’t survive without a computer. And I’m self-employed so I can’t rely on an IT department to help me out, I have to solve the problem myself. Fortunately I’m pretty techie and, with the help of YouTube, I usually can. Three days later I’ve solved my computer problems- but not my printer ones – though I was woken at 2am with a crashing migraine, my body’s reminder that I have chronic illness and I haven’t been pacing.

So this morning I took some time out and drew Joshua from Sktchy. This is my first watercolour in a new Fabriano Venezia sketchbook- I wasn’t sure how it would take the water but it was much better than I expected. And I feel so much better after a couple of hours of art therapy.