This is the lovely Raul from Sktchy. His photo makes me think of warm sunny days, which is exactly what I want to be thinking of on a cold January morning locked down in the UK. I drew this with my Bic 4-colour ballpoints in my Life Noble Note Plain Notebook.


I gave my Bics a workout for this portrait of the amazing Aldebarán from Sktchy. This is much lighter than the very dark inspiration image, but it think it would have looked overworked if I had tried to go much darker and I just liked how it looked at this point.

Can I make a confession here? Although this was inspired by a fantastic photo sometimes I’m drawn to particular muses on Sktchy as much by their names as by how great their photo collection is. I’d never even heard the name Aldebarán before, but I definitely wanted to add it to my portrait collection 🤣


My week-long virtual conference has finished so I have time for drawing again and I’ve started off today with a portrait of Lowkeyvibe from Sktchy. I drew this portrait on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil using the Procreate app and the ballpointy brush by Georg.


This is Salome from Sktchy drawn with Bic 4-colour ballpoint pens. I don’t often draw full body portraits but occasionally an image will catch my attention and I want to draw it. In this case it was the great posture – it was so interesting and I love drawing foreshortening so I wanted to try to capture it.