I’ve been having fun today making ink from poppy petals. Once I had some ink I drew this portrait of Sktchy member Angela with my hand whittled pens. Then I squeezed lemon juice on the portrait to turn the ink pink on the hood, cheeks, eyes, and nose and I brushed a little of the juice onto the eyes too. I love how pink it became! I’m really enjoying playing with these natural inks – I sourced some gum arabic today and I’m hoping I can get hold of some baking soda in the next day or two, all of which will help me experiment more.

I used poppy ink made from foraged poppy petals, freshly squeezed lemon juice, pens whittled from a branch picked up on a dog walk and a Seawhites sketchbook.

George Floyd

George Floyd. Died 25 May 2020.

Today Sktchy has asked artists to draw George Floyd, who was killed last week by a police officer in the United States, and whose death has sparked both peaceful protests and riots across that country in the days since. Sktchy are donating $50 for every portrait drawn of him until Friday to Campaign Zero, a campaign to end police violence in America, so if you’re a Sktchy artist reading this please think about posting a portrait of George Floyd on Sktchy before the end of the week.

I’m taking the new Sktchy course Ink Naturally with Dylan Sara which started this week – learning to make ink out of natural products and draw with it. So I drew this portrait with a bamboo calligraphy pen and using coffee as my ink.