Kristina’s dog

I haven’t drawn a dog for a while and this one is very handsome. Not sure of the breed, a bull terrier maybe? Anyway Kristina posted the photo on Sktchy and I couldn’t resist drawing it with my Bics.


I love drawing faces with shaved heads or very short hair so I can focus on the facial features and skintones without the distraction of hair. So I enjoyed sitting in my comfort zone and drawing Kim’s beautiful face so much today!


I’m close to completing my “Screen Queens” sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project 2021 now. Today I drew Trinity from The Matrix, one of the most kick-ass screen icons from one of my all time favourite movies. I’ve seen Carrie-Anne Moss in many wonderful roles since but to me she will always be Trinity first and foremost.


This is Goldipants from Sktchy and she has such a fabulous face to draw. Sometimes I make the wrong choice of medium for a portrait but this time I think I made the perfect choice – I love how this portrait turned out with ballpoint pens. I don’t think I could have done a better job with any other medium.

Seo Bi

I’m getting close to finishing my little sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project now. Today’s screen queen portrait is of SeoBi (played by the amazing Bae Doo-na) from the Korean zombie series Kingdom. Of course I’m including her because she’s awesome but also in the hope that those of you who aren’t familiar with Korean film and TV will go check it out. My daughter got me totally hooked on it and if it’s got Bae Doo-na in it it’s probably worth watching (she appeared Korean director and Oscar winner Bong Joon-Ho’s debut film The Host).