The prompt for day 3 of Inktober is “vessel”. I’ve drawn Tanza from Museum by Sktchy for this prompt – interpreting both the body and the bath as a vessel.



Today is Day 1 of Inktober 2021 when artists worldwide draw in ink for the entire month. Today’s Inktober prompt is Crystal and I chose to draw Sktchy muse Weston WIlliams with a Bic 4 colour pen.

Vampire Sarp

Hooray! I made it all the way through Inktober without missing a day! This is Sarp from Sktchy for day 31 which is, of course, Halloween. I’ve had a lot of fun using my Bic pens all month but I’m looking forward to using all my other art materials again from tomorrow!


This is Taha from Sktchy for day 30 of Inktober. I had planned to work this portrait in colour but I always start with a first layer in blue, establishing where the shadows are, and when I reached this point in the portrait I liked it so much that I decided to stop here.


This is Abolfazi from Sktchy. The inspiration photo for this portrait is so serene and I’m very happy that I managed to capture some of that serenity in this drawing.

It’s now the 23rd day of Inktober and, as every day this Inktober, I drew this with Bic 4 colour ballpoint pens in a Life Noble Note Plain notebook.