I’m seriously struggling with agonising chronic pain at the moment after making so many trips by rail to London these past few weeks for specialist treatment. I can’t sit down t my desk to draw at all but I did manage to finish this drawing of Laura on my iPad Pro today. Hooray.


I started this portrait of Maju on my iPad on the train on Tuesday and finally got around to finishing it today. I love the flexibility of iPad drawing – it’s so easy to start a drawing on one day, leave it part way through, pick it up again some days later and just carry on from where I left off. I don’t generally do this with sketchbook drawing but my iPad goes everywhere with me and so I often have a WIP (work in progress) on it.


I’m on three different hospital pathways for fairly serious treatments at the moment and it’s all getting a bit overwhelming. I needed to get “good” blood pressure readings today to send to one of the hospitals and my anxiety was so high the ones I was getting this morning really weren’t good, so I did some drawing – and after a couple of hours my BP had reduced from high to normal and I was feeling so much better. Thanks to Siobhan and the Museum by Sktchy app for the free therapy.


I spent half a day in hospital last week having a cardiac scan and picked up some vile virus (not Covid, I’ve had a PCR test and it’s negative) which has made me feel very unwell. I don’t have the energy to sit at a table and draw so digital drawing is the most I can manage. So glad to have actually managed to finish this portrait of Jing-Tang from the Museum app (which is what Sktchy has rebranded as) today.


This is Irina from Sktchy. I love sketching with rainbow pencils in my sketchbook so I had a go at making a rainbow pencil brush for Procreate loosely based on my beloved Blackwing Pencil brush. Once id made the brush I tried it out on this portrait. I had to play around and modify it a little bit to get the sensitivity and colour change right but I’m pretty happy with it now.


This was fun! Digital drawing can be very liberating because the ability to work in layers makes it so much easier to correct mistakes and experiment with new different approaches and ideas. And I think that often shows in my digital portraits, like this one of Juli which I finished very quickly and deliberately decided not to spend too much time tidying it up because I didn’t to lose that sense of freshness.