Today’s face is a quick ballpoint pen portrait of Bia using Bic 4-colour pens.



Lots of meditative hatching for this portrait of Diey.

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My favourite drawing to do to relax is ballpoint pen drawing. There’s nothing as calming and meditative as hatching in a single direction with my Bics. This portrait of Jacob was the perfect exercise for a chilled Bank Holiday weekend.


I’ve been working on this portrait of Godfree from Sktchy slowly over several days, just layering up that hair bit by bit with my Bic. I could have continued with more layers but I was pretty happy with how it looked at this point so stopped here. Just love the meditative scratch scratch of vertical hatching with a Bic pen.


When you draw muses from the Museum by Sktchy app for a long time you inevitably develop favourites. Wendy is an absolute favourite of mine. I love drawing her. She has the best eyes and such an expressive face, and all her photos are well-lit and interesting. They are everything I look for when I’m looking for a great image to draw from.


Sketchbook Skool are holding a 12 hour Drawathon today and I’ve been participating for the past 3 hours (and was the host for one of those hours). Doing the whole 12 hours just isn’t realistic for me because I have a number of chronic illnesses but I’m happy to have done three – and I finished this portrait of Scott from Museum by Sktchy during that time. It was also very cool to be in a virtual space drawing along with a couple of hundred sketchers from all over the world!