Today’s Sktchy face – for day 27 of Inktober- is Esther. It’s not a great portrait- I missed the likeness and the tonal values are all wrong. I’ve got a migraine today and I was working in semi-darkness because I couldn’t tolerate the light. If I’d been feeling better I might have carried on and tried to rectify some of the problems with more layers of colour. But it’s Inktober and tomorrow I’ll be drawing another one!


This is Abolfazi from Sktchy. The inspiration photo for this portrait is so serene and I’m very happy that I managed to capture some of that serenity in this drawing.

It’s now the 23rd day of Inktober and, as every day this Inktober, I drew this with Bic 4 colour ballpoint pens in a Life Noble Note Plain notebook.


I’m frankly astonished that I’ve managed to keep up with Inktober this year while doing ballpoint pen drawings. Most of these drawings are made sat at my desk in multiple 10 and 15 minute gaps in the day between remote Zoom meetings. Yet here we are at Day 22 and I’ve posted a drawing every single day! This is Kim from Sktchy, once again drawn with those awesome Bic 4 colour pens.


This is Cilia from Sktchy for day 18 of Inktober. I feel like my ballpoint pen portraits are most successful when I succeed in getting a real lightness of touch with my pen strokes and can build up some colour through very light layers like I’ve managed to do here. This portrait tells me that I’m beginning to make some progress now and I’m happy that I stuck with ballpoints for this inktober.