I’m feeling very anxious at the moment. Who isn’t, right? But I have a long history of mental illness and I’ve been trying really hard to ignore my rising anxiety these past few days but it’s refusing to be ignored. It’s waking me up,in the early hours and affecting me physiologically now. So I’m having to pay it some attention.

I’ve become very good at managing my day-to-day anxiety over the past few years but it’s obvious that those management techniques aren’t going to be enough in this new lockdown world, I have to adapt and find something more rigorous to help me through this. So I’ve started by simply admitting that, not only to myself but publicly, I think he way I know best, drawing. And I’m sharing this with #MadCovidDiaries, a project for people with mental health issues to share diaries of their experiences of the lockdown in the UK.

I drew this portrait on my iPad Pro using an Apple Pencil and the Procreate app.