I’m part of the production & presentation team for a week long virtual conference this week & it has been crazy. I spent hours both supporting and presenting in live broadcasts yesterday but today I had a day off before heading back online tomorrow & Friday. So I took some time to wind down & draw. I chose this portrait of Sheree from Sktchy because it reminded me of my daughter, who would love her own katana.


This is Mari from Sktchy drawn with Copic markers in a Midori cotton sketchbook. I have to say it felt so good to be back in my Copic comfort zone making this portrait – but I forgot that I needed to be much neater in my basic sketch. I’m going to have to remember to work on a more accurate and neater sketch, something that doesn’t matter so much with ballpoint pen drawing.


This is Hannah, who’s photo was posted on Sktchy by photographer Andy. As you may know by now if you’re a regular visitor to this blog, I’m not a huge fan of drawing hair so I’m always happy to draw models with very short hair like Hannah here. And it makes it so much easier to focus on bone structure when there’s no hair getting in the way. Having said all that, I totally lost the likeness in this portrait, though I still like the way it turned out.

I drew this in a Midori cotton sketchbook with Copic markers and Prismacolor coloured pencils.


This is drawn from an inspiration photo on Sktchy of Catherine posing as Frida Kahlo. Since Frida is one of my favourite artists and inspirations it should be no surprise that the photo found its way to the top of my Sktchy queue as soon as I saw it. I used Copic markers and Prismacolor coloured pencils to draw it in my Midori cotton sketchbook.


This is a portrait drawn from a photo posted by D on Sktchy so I’m afraid I don’t know the model’s name. i usually name my portraits after the model so in this case I’ve named it after the person who posted the inspiration image.

I drew it in my Midori cotton sketchbook with Copic markers and Prismacolor coloured pencils but I wasn’t happy with the hair so I uploaded it to my iPad Pro and then worked on the hair a little bit using the Procreate app to soften the edges and make it look a little less like a wig. I’m still not very happy with it but this is a huge improvement on how it looked before!