I’m not getting much drawing done right now. I’ve had a post-durapuncture headache since I had my trial spinal cord stimulator removed, which is causing nausea, dizziness and various other problems, all of which make drawing difficult. But I finished a portrait today, yay!


More practice at drawing children today with this portrait of Nicki’s son, as usual drawn from a photo on the Museum by Sktchy app. I got a much better likeness this time, though I’ve still aged him a little. Such a great expression to draw.


This is Scout, a very talented child model and probably the most famous and most often drawn child muse on the Museum by Sktchy app. I don’t often draw children but I wanted to get some practice in for a big commission I’ve just landed. But the lack of experience shows – I really haven’t got Scout’s likeness and I’ve also made her look much too serious. So more practice needed.


I do love an unusual perspective, though I didn’t get it quite right in this portrait of Yates from the Museum by Sktchy app.

I had a bit of disaster just as I finished drawing this, spilling a glass of water over my sketchbook- it missed the portrait but messed up the corner of this page and quite a few unused pages in my sketchbook. My desk is so messy so it’s a lesson learned – I’ll keep it tidier for at least a week and then I’ll forget and lapse back into my usual messy habits.


I love the inspiration photo (which can be found on the Museum by Sktchy app) for this portrait of Tara so much. I thought such a wonderful face deserved the Copic treatment so I spent some time in my Copic marker comfort zone, knowing that I’d probably get the best results there. And I’m so happy with the finished portrait.


This is Tyan from Sktchy. I loved drawing her portrait. It was one of those drawing sessions where I got kind of lost in the process- those really are the best kind of drawing days! I lose track of time and almost of what I’m doing and just lose myself in line and colour and texture, and somehow the portrait emerges.

I used Copic markers and Prismacolor coloured pencils in my Midori cotton sketchbook.


This is Angelina from Sktchy. I didn’t quite capture her likeness, as usual I lost it around it around the mouth somewhere. But it’s not the end result that matters so much as the process and I had a wonderfully focused couple of hours drawing this.

I try to let go of any attachment to the end result as far as I possibly can when I’m drawing and just let myself get lost in the process. At the end of the day the outcome is just a drawing on a piece of paper. If I’m not happy with it I can turn the page and start again. What is really important to me is the time I spend drawing, the sense of calm and relaxation I get from that, and the learning and practice I get from any time spent drawing. Every hour spent drawing is time spent developing skills, even if that drawing turns out being one I hate.

If you’re beginning to draw this is the hardest lesson to learn – I remember people saying it to me a few years ago and I just couldn’t believe I would ever learn it, but I did in the end. Process over outcome. It’s the process of drawing that matters much more than the outcome, at least while you’re not a professional artist or taking exams. Draw, draw, draw, worry less about outcome and enjoy the process.


I forgot to post this yesterday amidst all the tennis and football fever in the UK. Both Wimbledon and the Euros are now over (boohoo) so my work frenzy will no longer be complicated by a sport frenzy (at least until the Olympics begin). Which means I might manage some more drawing. Anyway, this is Brady from Sktchy drawn with Copic markers and Prismacolor coloured pencils.