I went back to my Copic comfort zone for today’s portrait of Anjelica from the Museum by Sktchy app.


Leeza #2

This is my second portrait of Leeza from an image of two photos collaged together. In my last post I shared the first one, drawn with Copic markers and coloured pencils. This one was drawn digitally with marker and coloured pencil brushes, using the same technique but working on my iPad Pro. I used True Grit Texture Supply’s KolorMarc and Chromographbrushes.


Sometimes simplest is best. I loved the angle of the inspiration image for this portrait of Katoka from the Museum by Sktchy app but I kept my drawing and painting as simple as possible because i was concerned that if I made the portrait at all complicated it might be difficult to read. i think it works well as it is.


This is Jan from the Museum by Sktchy app. I’m taking a much slower approach to my drawing and watercolour painting when I’m not actually teaching in a class at the moment (when I have to work fast because we only have about because we about 40 minutes of class time to work on a drawing). I’m think I’m getting better results from working slower.

Emily’s dog

I drew this little guy in my Sketchbook Skool Spark class on Sunday and forgot to post the portrait until today. I love drawing dogs, maybe because I don’t feel so much pressure to get a good likeness and I always think that with dogs it’s all about the eyes and nose. Dog’s noses are so much fun to draw!