Another floral portrait for May.



This is Kevin from the Museum by Sktchy app. I drew Kevin in yesterday’s Sketchbook Skool Drawing Faces class.

Since I started teaching these classes last May I have become so much faster at drawing! When I first started the classes I would only get about halfway through a portrait in the 45 minutes or so drawing time. I finished this entire drawing yesterday before the class was finished and had time left over to take questions. I’ve learned to draw both faster and less to get more done in the time.


This is another portrait from a couple of Sketchbook Skool Spark classes where we’ve been looking at drawing faces that are at an angle. This is a portrait of Jericho and we were focusing on trying to make sure his features were lined up with the angle of his face, which is not horizontal to the camera. We drew him last week and added colour in this week’s class, with Copic markers and coloured pencils.


We’ve been looking at drawing faces that are at an angle in my Sketchbook Skool Spark class this week. We started just practicing with line drawing and drew a couple of faces. One of them was Cocomarie. So I did the line drawing in class and finished the portrait afterwards with Copic markers and coloured pencils.


I drew this portrait of Olivia during one of my Sketchbook Skool Spark classes. I’m always so interested to see how my drawings done during these classes turn out. I only have around 45 minutes in which to do most of the drawing so I have to work very quickly.

I can do a little bit of finishing up afterwards but most of the work needs to be done during the class session and so there’s not much time to think about choices, it’s much more a case of simply drawing and living with the consequences. In this class the line drawing was OK, but not great, the face tones came out well, but the hair was a bit of disaster, much too bright, poorly coloured, and needing emergency rescue with coloured pencil.

Of course I could have recoloured the hair completely in Procreate or worked it over for hours with coloured pencils, but I’d much rather leave it as it is as a reminder to myself of this particular lesson and how much I enjoy getting it wrong and figuring out how to make it look a little better! And that I need to practice drawing red hair.