I’m always very nervous when using brush pens to draw with but I do like the strength of the line drawing they produce. It is easy to mess up with them though, fortunately I didn’t with this portrait of Henry from Sktchy.



This is Ksenia from Sktchy painted with Daniel Smith watercolours and finished with Prismacolor coloured pencils.

My favourite watercolours are Zecchi handmade watercolours that I discovered a few years ago on a trip to Florence. I order them online direct from Italy because I’m in live with the richness of their colours. But most of my painting friends rave about Daniel Smith paints so when I saw some on sale at Jacksons Art last week I decided to try them out. I’ve tried a couple of tubes before but I’ve never painted a whole portrait in them before. I think I like them, but one portrait isn’t really enough to base a judgement on. I’ll decide when I’ve done three or four.