This is Yuko from Sktchy for day 14 of Inktober – at least it’s meant to be her but I totally lost her likeness! So I uploaded the portrait to my iPad and played with it to try to improve it, which it did, but it still doesn’t look like her 😂


This is Hannah from Sktchy for day 8 of Inktober. I’m learning a lot from rushing through these daily ballpoint pen portraits for Inktober – mostly how to work faster and that I often like them better half done. But I do lose the likeness every time when I’m rushing.


Today’s Sktchy inspiration is Ghazal for day 5 of Inktober. I wanted to see what I could do with a single 4-colour (red, blue, black & green) Bic pen. I love how the limited palette made me think and work a little differently.


This is Jon from Sktchy, my portrait for day 4 of Inktober. I often like my ballpoint pen drawings best at this stage, when I’ve just laid down a first layer of orange on the skin and blue for the shadows. So I stopped here today.

Drawn in a Life Noble Note Plain notebook with Bic 4-colour ballpoint pens.


I’ve run out of time to finish this and I’d rather post a half-finished portrait than start falling behind on Day 2 of Inktober! So this is what my ballpoint portraits look like at around the halfway point.

This is Sydney from Sktchy drawn with Bic 4-colour ballpoint pens in a Life Noble Note Plain notebook.