I love making digital drawings that look as much like drawing in a sketchbook with analog materials as possible. Georg Graf Von Westphalen’s ballpointy brush is the best ballpoint pen brush I’ve come across for Procreate. This portrait of Lake from the Museum by Sktchy app was drawn with the ballpointy brush using a colour palette I created from my favourite Bic 4-colour ballpoints. I love how it turned out, especially the hair.

You can find out more about Georg’s Procreate brushes here



I enjoyed drawing this portrait of Jenell from Sktchy so much. I had my second Covid vaccination a few days ago and once again it’s made me fairly unwell so I’ve taken a few days off work and haven’t really been able to sit at my desk and draw. But I can hold my iPad for a little while and draw on it in short bursts and I’ve drawn this over a few days. And once I finished I played around with the colours in Procreate and couldn’t decide which one I liked best so I put all four together.

I’ve posted the original below too so you can see what it looks like as I actually drew it.


In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m now obsessed with these brushes and this technique I’m developing in Procreate. It works beautifully with this portrait of Sktchy inspiration Muxi – this is drawn from a contemporary photo but I love the traditional vibe this technique has created.


I’ve been working some more today with my new Procreate brush so I don’t forget how I used it and have also been developing my technique a little more. This is a portrait of Faulzy from Sktchy and I used a TextureTown and ballpoiinty brush in the Procreate app on my iPad Pro.


This is Rhayane from Sktchy. I’ve been looking for a Procreate brush that I could combine with the ballpointy brush to cover large areas and I finally found one! The striped effect is created using a Texturetown brush and I love the effect it creates!


I’m struggling with my mental health again but now I find that, instead of not drawing at all, I’m drawing often. I need to keep my hands moving so when I’m not working my fingers are constantly hatching away, or crocheting or clicking on my Nintendo Switch.

I’m also finding that it helps to have several portraits on the go at any one time, so I can switch between them. With portraits built up through hatching I’m not always sure when they’re finished so it helps to step away from them, move on to another one, and then come back to them to the next day and take another look. That little break allows me to look at them afresh and I can see where they need more work – as they almost always do.

The hatching on this portrait of Emitis from Sktchy helped me through 2 evenings when I was struggling to focus on the television or anything at all. I drew it on my iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil using the Procreate app and the ballpointy brush by Georg.


I’ve been working on this portrait of Dennis from Sktchy very slowly for days, scratching away on my iPad Pro with the ballpointy brush. I’m finding building up layers of colour through slow hatching so very meditative.