This is Julie. I think it’s the first portrait I’ve ever drawn on black paper. I saw the photo of the plague mask and it made me think of the UK as the plague country of Europe, with the highest number of coronavirus deaths. So it seemed only right to draw on black paper and I changed the scarf to a Union Jack. The black mood, lightened by my drawing marks, seems appropriate.

I drew this on black Strathmore artist zentangle paper with Polychromos and Prismacolor coloured pencils.


Not feeling that well these past few days, it’s been a crazy work week month…) and I’m really feeling it, and I’m struggling a little to focus on my drawing. I feel that I’m losing the likenesses more than usual but I’m still enjoying the process as much as ever.this is the very beautiful Sktchy muse Anna – though it doesn’t look entirely like her!

I drew it in my Hannehmühle Nostalgie sketchbook with Polychromos coloured pencils.


I somehow managed to totally lose Craig’s likeness while drawing this portrait. That happens more when I draw with pencils than with any other medium, perhaps because I’m still finding my way and not yet entirely comfortable using them. I think I’m focusing so much on trying to find a technique that works for me that I pay less attention to the actual drawing of the face once I’ve mapped the basic shapes and so I lose the likeness. That’s my excuse anyway!

I drew Craig in my Hannehmühle Nostalgie sketchbook with Polychromos coloured pencils.


It’s hard to focus on drawing today while the future of the UK is being decided in Parliament but I’m doing my best. Diana has provided a good distraction. I drew her in my A4 Moleskine sketchbook with Copic multiliners, Copic markers and some Polychromos coloured pencils.


Some days I don’t have much time for drawing but I try to maintain my commitment to a daily portrait. That means producing quicker sketchier portraits like this one of Sktchy muse Sulphur. Sometimes I manage to find a better likeness in these quick portraits – I did today.

The amount of time available always affects my choice of medium. I would never choose to draw a portrait with Copic markers if time was short. I might start one on the iPad, knowing I could easily leave it and return to it later. But if I want to start and finish a portrait quickly then I will always choose watercolour or coloured pencils. Today I chose to use Polychromos coloured pencils in a Hannehmühle Nostalgie sketchbook.


Worked really hard at not overworking this one after a whole series of overworked watercolours. Very happy that I managed to keep the colour in this portrait of Sktchy muse Lana simple.

I worked this in a Hannehmühle Nostalgie sketchbook with Zecchi watercolours and Polychromos coloured pencils.


Such a lovely face but some difficult light and shadows to capture here. Didn’t manage it with watercolour alone so I worked over the top with coloured pencil to add more definition. I was using my usual Zecchi watercolours in a Laloran sketchbook and Polychromos coloured pencils.