This is Cece, painted in a Laloran sketchbook with Zecchi Toscana watercolours and finished with Prismacolor coloured pencils.



Coco’s portrait is my entry for this week’s Old School Sktchy wax challenge on the theme “literature”, referencing the novel ” Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden. It was a really difficult draw because the heavy face makeup means there are so few skintones to work with – and that’s where I focus most of my energy. So I had to concentrate more on the hair decoration, the clothing and the parasol, which aren’t really my strengths. So it was a good challenge for me.

I drew this in a Moleskine sketchbook with Copic markers and coloured pencils.


Another patterned portrait, this time with watercolour and coloured pencils. In Klara’s Sktchy photo she was posing in front of some fabulous rhododendron bushes so I took my inspiration for the floral background pattern from those flowers.

I drew this portrait in a Laloran sketchbook with a Copic multiliner, painted it with Zecchi watercolours and finished it with Prismacolor coloured pencils.


Sid was Sktchy’s chosen daily inspiration photo yesterday. I’m a day late drawing him but here he is. I started out with a green and white striped background but it was nightmare – it totally drew the eye away from the portrait- so I filled in the stripes and it looks much better!

I drew this in a Moleskine sketchbook with Copic multiliners and Copic markers.


I’m still finding my way with coloured pencils – I’m never entirely sure whether to hatch or to colour in the way children do. For this portrait of a Sktchy muse Jeandor I decided to stick with hatching all the way.

I drew this in a Hannehmühle Nostalgie sketchbook with Prismacolor coloured pencils.


A few weeks ago I rarely added backgrounds to my portraits, and certainly not patterned backgrounds. Now, after taking a Sktchy course by Charlotte Hamilton on patterned portraits my portraits don’t seem complete without one!

This portrait of Sktchy muse Anna was drawn in a Moleskine sketchbook with a Copic multiliner and Copic markers.


Lana was wearing fake elf ears in the Sktchy inspiration photo for this portrait. Making them seem real was so much fun. And lthough they felt very unnatural to me at first I’m now beginning to enjoy adding these patterned backgrounds, although I still forget to include them until after I’ve done the portrait.

I drew this portrait in an A4 Moleskine Sketchbook with a Copic multiliner and Copic markers.