I haven’t used my Chromagraph pencil brushes in Procreate for a while and it was definitely fun to play with them again for this portrait of Alina from Museum by Sktchy.


Leeza #2

This is my second portrait of Leeza from an image of two photos collaged together. In my last post I shared the first one, drawn with Copic markers and coloured pencils. This one was drawn digitally with marker and coloured pencil brushes, using the same technique but working on my iPad Pro. I used True Grit Texture Supply’s KolorMarc and Chromographbrushes.


I was working on this portrait of Eden from the Museum by Sktchy app during last week’s Sketchbook Skool Drawathon but I’ve only just got around to finishing it. I drew it on my iPad Pro using the Procreate app and the very fabulous True Grit Texture Supply’s Chromagraph brushes.

I’ve posted a short Procreate timelapse video of my drawing process on my YouTube channel. If you’d like to see it you can find it here.


I’m struggling to draw in the hot weather in the UK. The heat affects my meds and makes me very tired and I think that this affected my drawing subliminally – Denyce looks so tired in this portrait and she really doesn’t look tired in the inspiration photo. Her hair has also ended up frizzy from the humidity – and it’s not like that in the inspiration image either. I didn’t really notice this when I was drawing but can see it so clearly now.

So my challenge for the next couple of weeks is to see if I can manage to draw portraits without making people look hot, sweaty and tired. I’m also wondering if this something that happens to other people or just me…