Meredith’s child

It’s not often that I draw a whole person and even rarer that I do a portrait of a child, but who can resist a child in a dinosaur jacket? Not me. This is from a photo posted by Meredith on the Museum by Sktchy app.



This is Scout, a very talented child model and probably the most famous and most often drawn child muse on the Museum by Sktchy app. I don’t often draw children but I wanted to get some practice in for a big commission I’ve just landed. But the lack of experience shows – I really haven’t got Scout’s likeness and I’ve also made her look much too serious. So more practice needed.

Livey ‘s Monster

I loved the Sktchy inspiration photo for this portrait of Livey’s toddler and I really wanted to play a little bit with his shadow. When I was drawing it definitely wanted to be a bird monster of some kind so that’s what it became.

I drew this on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil using the Procreate app.

208 portraits

Every time I finish a portrait I add it to a 13 image grid and once I’ve filled that grid I add it to a 16 image grid. Many months later I have a completed grid containing my last 208 Sktchy portraits. Today I filled my latest 208 portrait grid. I love the snapshot view these give me of my portraits from the past 7 months.

Scout in colour

I drew Scout in black and white a few days ago for Inktober. I knew when I drew her that I would add colour at some point to that portrait. So here is that same portrait but with colour added in Procreate. She looks older than she should, which is one of the reasons I don’t often draw children – yes, I’m one of those artists who always manages to age children when I draw or paint them.

I added colour on an iPad Pro with an Apple Pencil in the Procreate app using Lisa Bardot’s gouache brushes and the Procreate luminance brushes.


I don’t often draw children but the photo of Scout which inspired this portrait is so perfect for today’s Inktober theme “enchanted”. I drew this with the technical pen brush in Procreate, which I don’t think I’ve ever used before. I know for sure I’m going to come back and add colour when I have the time