This is Farimah from Sktchy for day 16 of Inktober. I’ve been sick the past 10 days or so with some kind of bug (not COVID, I’ve had a negative test) so doing anything feels like very hard work. I’m still remote working and plugging away at my portraits in between work meetings but the last couple of days I’ve been feeling really unwell so I’m happy just to get something done.


This is Yuko from Sktchy for day 14 of Inktober – at least it’s meant to be her but I totally lost her likeness! So I uploaded the portrait to my iPad and played with it to try to improve it, which it did, but it still doesn’t look like her 😂


This is Hannah from Sktchy for day 8 of Inktober. I’m learning a lot from rushing through these daily ballpoint pen portraits for Inktober – mostly how to work faster and that I often like them better half done. But I do lose the likeness every time when I’m rushing.