I’m so over Inktober. Three days in and I’d had enough of monochrome making me miserable so I’m back to doing what I love – with colour and whatever medium I feel like using.

This is the beautiful Nazli from the Museum by Sktchy app, drawn on my IPad Pro using the Procreate app.


Today is Day 1 of Inktober 2021 when artists worldwide draw in ink for the entire month. Today’s Inktober prompt is Crystal and I chose to draw Sktchy muse Weston WIlliams with a Bic 4 colour pen.


My last few watercolours have been a complete disaster. I’m not sure why, I just seem to have been really struggling with technique, control, paper, everything. It goes that way sometimes. So it’s been a few weeks since I’ve opened my watercolour sketchbook. But today I painted this portrait and it came out so better than anything I’ve done recently and I’m so glad. I made plenty of mistakes, pilling the paper in a few places, but I’m still very happy with it. Hoping it means I’ve found my watercolour mojo again.


My husband bought me a SketchboardPro as a gift and this portrait of Kennedy is the first drawing I’ve made on my iPad Pro using it. The iPad Pro fits into it and it basically creates a much larger and portable working desk space for drawing, which you can use anywhere. I love how much space it gives me to rest my arm now.


I’m still struggling to draw at my desk due to lower back problems but it’s improving slowly with treatment. I’m managing a little bit of drawing most days so here’s a portrait of Vazha from the Museum by Sktchy app drawn with Bic 4-colour ballpoint pens.


I’m seriously struggling with agonising chronic pain at the moment after making so many trips by rail to London these past few weeks for specialist treatment. I can’t sit down t my desk to draw at all but I did manage to finish this drawing of Laura on my iPad Pro today. Hooray.